International Music Minister and ‘Praise Bishop’, Empraiz is back with a new single and video. On this traditional gospel song titled “Nanowei”, he teams up with Sensational Bamidele to deliver a melodious masterpiece collaboration.

“Nanowei”, an Ijaw word which roughly translates as “Owner of the universe or God who controls the heaven and the earth”, is a praise song like no other which seeks to refocus all the attention on the one that is most deserving – The Most High God.

Empraiz shares the story behind the song: “My love and passion for Ijaw traditional music (Owigiri) birthed the song in one of our ministrations on stage some 8 years ago and now we decided to release it officially alongside a music video so as to eulogise God our maker with the song. You’ll definitely love this one!”

Produced by the very talented Prince Vibes, this praise song will get your feet dancing and mouth praising to its infectious groove in no time.



Nanowei 3x
Ogonomo kiri mose nanowei

Verse 1:


My God e good oo tamara yeh mehmo ehhh
Na em open the way the way for me.

Ayiba bo eh bo eh bo ehh
Nanowei iyo bo eh boo ehhh

If e no be God na where Empraiz for dey today

I for don die I for don kolo
Ayiba bo eh bo ehh bo bo eh nanowei iyo bo ehh bo ehhh

Repeat chorus

Verse 2:

(Sensational Bamidele)

Kalabari language (English translation):

Creator of the heavens and earth the owner of the heavens and the earth
The King of the earth, my owner, is the owner of the heavens and the earth

Let everybody sing and praise his name
Let every body dance and praise his name
The one who give us our daily bread
The giver of power
The giver of life we call on you

Our father come and hear our prayers
Come and hear your children
Who dey ask question no dey miss road
Who dey ask question no dey miss road
It’s God’s gift.


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Worship Leader and Spontaneous Gospel Musician E Josh has finally premiered his long-awaited single tagged "Most High God"
The song which declares God's Supremacy over all other beings, gods, kings and whatever you may think of comes with great beat and instrumentation, a typically classic style he employs with a touch of praise groove.
E Josh who is based in Port-Harcourt is known for his special kind of music and way of placing his lyrics to soothe his listener's sense of hearing and set them in dancing mode. His previous works which were a hit track include No Me Without You.
Download, listen, share and be inspired!

Hillsong United (stylised as Hillsong UNITED or UNITED) is a worship band that originated as a part of Hillsong Church. Formed in 1998 as part of Hillsong's youth ministry, the band consists of several rotating worship leaders from the church, including Joel Houston, Taya Smith-Gaukroger, Matt Crocker, Jonathon Douglass, Jad Gillies and Benjamin Hastings. Due to several songs written by the youth ministry, Hillsong worship leader Darlene Zschech recommended that they record an album, which resulted in their debut extended play, One, which was released alongside the Hillsong Worship album Touching Heaven Changing Earth. Since then, the group has released eleven annual live albums, as well as four studio albums. The band composes songs and performs in church services as well as concerts in worldwide tours


Come together
Strange as neighbours
Our blood is one

Of generations
Of every nation
Of kingdom come

Don’t let your heart be troubled
Hold your head up high
Don’t fear no evil
Fix your eyes on this one truth
God is madly in love with you
Take courage
Hold on
Be strong
Remember where our help comes from

Our redemption
Our salvation
Is in His blood

Light of heaven
Friend forever
His kingdom come

Swing wide
All you heavens
Let the praise go up
As the walls come down
All creation
Everything with breath
Repeat the sound
All His children
Clean hands
Pure hearts
Good grace
Good God
His Name is Jesus

The band was originally formed in 1998, by close friends from within the youth ministry called "Powerhouse Youth", led by Hillsong Youth Pastors Phil and Lucinda Dooley for many years.[1] As the house band for the Powerhouse meetings, they played original songs and rearranged popular radio tunes at their weekly meeting for local youth aged 16–25. Band members sometimes also contributed to the larger interdenominational ministry Youth Alive Australia and its albums. Most members of the band also attended Hillsong Church services.

Powerhouse grew and split in the mid 1990s into two youth groups: Powerhouse (aged 18–25) and Wildlife (12–17). Reuben Morgan, assisted by guitarist Marcus Beaumont and vocalist/songwriter Tanya Riches, administrated the band and music for Powerhouse and all United nights, albums and events until 2003, when the role was passed on to Joel Houston. The three performed with the 18–25's Powerhouse band that also included Mark Stevens, Nigel Hendroff, Peter King and Raymond Badham. For the older group Peter King was the main piano player and music director, with guitarist Nigel Hendroff later taking the music directing role. In the younger ministry Wildlife, it was former Channel V Leg-Up competition-winning Able band boys Joel Houston and Marty Sampson, with Able band's Luke Munns and Michael Guy Chislett being the main drummer and guitarist, respectively, while Joel Houston played bass. They were initially trained by Russell Fragar. Marty Sampson, Holly Dawson, Mark Stevens, Katrina Peoples, Michelle Fragar, Tanya Riches and Bec Mesiti were some original key vocalists. In the Summer of 1997 the team made a huge impact at their youth ministry's Summer Camp. On returning from the camp, the youth ministries of Hillsong Church decided to join together monthly, calling these meetings the "UNITED" Nights.[citation needed]

Darlene Zschech suggested to Reuben Morgan that the youth band make an album in 1998 after so many songs were written in the youth ministry[2][3] As a result, the EP One was recorded by a new band. Everyday was recorded in 1999 and packaged with the Hillsong Worship annual album. Both achieved Gold sales status in Australia. The band continued to release an album each year, rebranding as Hillsong United. In 2002 after Reuben Morgan stepped down as co-worship leader of the band, Joel Houston, the eldest son of the church's senior pastor Brian Houston, and Marty Sampson led the group together.[citation needed]

The band's members are involved in Hillsong Church services and also play for the church.[4] Many were volunteers who went unpaid for their time or contribution. As such the line up changes on a regular basis due to the volunteers' needs and the needs of the church; that is to say, due to the naturally resultant "churn". Luke Munns, who was the drummer for the band from 1998 through 2006, played on seven live recordings and transitioned out from the drums to front the rock and indie band LUKAS. Following his marriage to Michelle on November 2006, Sampson stepped down as one of the main leaders of the band. He contributed two more songs with United—"Devotion", which he wrote and sang, and "Saviour King", which he wrote with Mia Fieldes—before he officially stepped down. These songs were part of the 2007 release All of the Above. Current members of the Hillsong United band include Joel Houston, Jonathon Douglass (J.D.), Jadwin "Jad" Gillies, Matt Crocker, Taya Smith, Dylan Thomas (on rhythm guitar), Timon Klein (on lead guitar), Peter James & Benjamin Tennikoff (on keyboards), Adam Crosariol (on bass guitar), and Simon Kobler (on drums).[citation needed]

The annual Hillsong United CD and DVD was recorded for many years during the Hillsong youth ministry's October conference Encounterfest, and albums released in the first quarter of the following year. The 2007 album All of the Above was the first album to be fully studio recorded.[5] The band has toured in a number of countries, leading worship in various places and has an international influence.[6][7][8] The official UNITED logo was designed by Munns in 2002 for To the Ends of the Earth.[9]

In 2014, they won five Dove Awards, including song of the year for "Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)".[10] The band was nominated for the second year at American Music Award in 2015.[11] The same year, they won a Billboard Music Award in the category Top Christian Artist.[12][13] The band won three Dove Awards in 2016 and Recorded Worship Song of the Year for "So Will I (100 BillionX)" in 2018.

“Bor Ekom” is one of Mercy Chinwo’s fan-favorite songs from her debut album “The Cross: My Gaze,” released via Eezee Conceptz. Get into the Thanksgiving lyrics (local dialect).


Sia fo mu tieghe ntewo o (2x)
Bor ekom do o
Ayanga owo ke mfon
Bor ekom do o
Ukpono eyene fi
Bor ekom do o
Ayanga owo ke mfon
Bor ekom do o
Ukpono eyene fi

Sia fo mu tieghe nte owo o (2x)
Bor ekom do o
Ayanga owo ke mfon
Bor ekom do o
Ukpono eyene fi
Bor ekom do o
Ayanga owo ke mfon
Bor ekom do o
Ukpono eyene fi

Edidem me didem
Bor ekom
Ete usen naneyen bor ekom
Ibaha owo si ntie nta fo
Ukpono eyene fi o
Ibaha owo si ntie nta fo
Akara eyon ye esun
Ibaha owo si ntie nta fo
Ekamba Abasi
Ibaha owo si ntie nta fo

Sia fo mu tieghe nte owo o (2x)
Bor ekom do o
Ayanga owo ke mfon
Bor ekom do o
Ukpono eyene fi
Bor ekom do o
Ayanga owo ke mfon
Bor ekom do o
Ukpono eyene fi

Bor ekom do o
Ayanga owo ke mfon
Bor ekom do o
Ugboro eyene fi

Image result for orile ede mi by tope alabi

Tope Alabi comes again with an awesome song titled “Orile Ede Mi” which means (My Country)

The song was produced by Dekunle Oniyo (@dekunleoniyo).
After announcing the release of this song, Tope Alabi goes on Instagram saying:
“The challenges of our dear Nation are enormous and it takes God to conquer such challenges. In this single, I have poured out my heart to God for quick interventions and I have asked him to make the Nigerian state an abode of peace and prosperity. Join me to pray for Nigeria with this song”.


“Done me Well,” is the newest single from Gospel music minister Preye Odede, featuring the sensational Tim Godfrey. Definitely one of the biggest joint this year, the African influenced uptempo is available now to stream and download on all digital platforms today.
“Done Me Well” is a testimony! The tone and move are festive creating an atmosphere of joy, rejoicing and reassuring the listeners of God’s faithfulness in the midst of challenges.
Preye Odede and Tim Godfrey took turns to testify with melody, mildly touching on milestones each minister has surpassed through the grace of God. They enjoin the listeners to partake, leveraging on repetitive chants and physical activities. If you ever need an inspiring feel-good-song, this is it!
The release of the single is accompanied by the live performance clip from the just concluded concert by Preye Odede in Ghana, tagged #THEMOVE. Did you miss that? Look forward to the live ministration of “Done Me Well,” and others as Preye Odede takes The Experience stage this 2019, for the first time!


Commenting on the new single, “Healer”, Nigerian-born Psalmist Vanessa, who is also a PhD-trained Academic, said:
“There comes a time in every life when we must choose or else be chosen for. When we must speak or else be spoken for. When in the face of all contrariness, we must gaze steadfast on the One Who has called us to life and peace. This is the time, that we must consciously, aggressively and proactively resist the devil, as he comes in the reports of men and in the circumstances that confront us; a time when we must choose Whom and What it is that we focus on.
“There is a place where darkness cannot reach and death cannot enter; where flesh is renewed and spirit reborn; where life is the natural order and in Whom Divine judgement rests. He is the Living Word of GOD. The Word that makes, that heals, that restores. The Word sent. The Word made flesh. The One Whose Glory the veil is forever torn to reveal, HE is The Lord OUR HEALER. The Word that never fails.