READ: The Believer Can Never Go To Hell Again Or Anymore by Rev. Ade Adebayo

The believer can never ever go to hell again or anymore because, 

not only did Jesus go as an atonement for his nature of sin and depravity, Acts 2:31-32, I Peter 3:19, 4:6. Jesus Christ actually went as him, yes, I repeat, as him (man), that he might destroy or paralyse him who hath the power (srength of , vigor or dominion might of death because of adam's trangression, which passed  upon humanity, even over those who had not sinned., rom 5:11-14) . death, heb 2:14.

The wages of sin is death which Jesus was made a propitiation or  sacrificial atonement for.
 The gift of God through Christ Jesus is eternal life, Rom 6:23.
Human righteousness is filthy in God's sight, as it answers to menstrous clothing, Isa 64:6

By the deeds of  obedience to a written code shall no flesh be justified in the sight of God, Gal 2:16,3:11,
for it is written that, the justified or  righteous man shall be called righteous, not by works of fleshly 
performance, but by faith in the justifier through atonement. For  by one sacrifice he hath perfected forever those who are  sanctified, heb 10:14.

Man's sin nature which was in the world way beyond, and before  human errors of commssion and ommission came, has been  atoned for at the mercy seat of Christ's suffering of death, and glorious resurrection. God is now justified as the justifier of the  ungodly, because man had received the hammer blows of divine  justice and retribution in the death of the propitiationary sacrifice  for sin.

Nothing can take man to hell again, no sins or bad  attitudes, nothing , I repeat, nothing, for God almighty would be  unjust to send man to hell after his sin nature which is stronger  and greater than his sins have been atoned for by this same man  in Christ Jesus.

At salvation, God is justified to yield eternal life to the faith of  Christ filled man. The process is divine, and this life which is given  on the basis of Christ's suffering of death is irreversible. Eternal life which is always eternal can never be lost. Eternal life could not  have come and did not come by right deeds, how then can it be  lost by wrong deeds?

Deeds do not come into play here in  anyway, so eternal life can never be lost if ever possessed.

What is takes to be given this life by God is faith in the living  Christ's death, resurrection and nothing more, John 3:16, I John 5:11. Eph 2:8-9.

If you stop having faith in whatever sense, the life  is irreversible if ever possessed.
Obviously, we argue against of the power of God to save and 
Keep saved because we are deep illiterates of salvation.

August 8, 2017 · 


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