READ: Singing or Shining by Rev. Ade Adebayo

Not all songs we sing are correlates of the bible or more precisely, the truth of redemption! The worship of God goes beyond singing or music. The Old Testament folks were great singers, music composers, minstrels, yet they were in false worship. This is so, because God is Spirit. In Christ Jesus, the saint of God, (the believer), is in the worship of God, whether he is singing or not (John 4:22-24, Phil 3:3).

'Worship' does not primarily refer to singing a slow song, neither is 'praise' a strict capture of singing fast songs. Worship refers to relationship of veneration, and reverence for God. The saint of God has been brought into the worship of God through Christ Jesus. Praise, which may be thanksgiving, or echomiums of majestic glory ascribed to God may be said, chanted or sung; may be composed with a fast or a slow rythm! Songs to be sung unto the Lord must be in consonance with the truth of Christ's death in all ramifications. Songs for being songs must not deny the accomplishment of the cross! Colossians 3:16 says let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom. You must sing from a heart overflowing with the revelation of Christ. Sometimes, I'm asking people...are you singing or sinning? Certain Christians are just flippant because they love music, while others are sinning, denying the cross of Christ's death and resurrection.

"Lord prepare me a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true.." Is no sensible lyrics because God already dwells in us by His precious Holy Spirit, which he has given to us (1 John3:24, 4:12, 1 Thess 4:8).

'Saviour, Saviour, hear my humble cry, while on others, thou art calling, do not pass me by" is a meaningless song's lyrics because the word of Christ's gospel, calling humans near has been given for over 2000 years, wherein we labour and suffer reproach preaching. This song is not relevant to the Christian because he has been called. It is also not relevant to the unbeliever because Christ has no plans of passing him by!

'..I have searched through all eternity long, and found, there is none like you..." Is an outright lie! Nobody has lived eternity long yet! It's better to say, 'I could search through all eternity long and find, there is none like you.'

God is not music crazy like humans. He does not want praise like his life depends on it, rather he's worth it! He does not demand it, but commands it! Just before you sing this next song, ask I singing or sinning? God inhabitest the praise of his people does not mean, God goes gaga when we praise him, it simply means, God is the object of his peoples praise. Are you singing or sinning? Hebrews 13:15; 'By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.'

Rev. Ade Adebayo

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