ALBUM: Make Room by Jonathan McReynolds (free download mp3)

First off, you may want to ask; "what's up with this album?". Trust me, everything there is to imagine is all about this album. Every song in this piece has been a blessing to a couple of people around me. The lyrics make a mark on the heart of everyone i know that has listened to this album. Some of the song take long to fully grasp the revelation knowledge that comes with it. But, i assure you that with diligence and the mindset to get edified. This album by the Gospel artiste; Jonathan McReynolds will Make Room for God in your heart even more

Download the songs below and kindly share the link with your friends and family

Make Room -  DOWNLOAD

Lover Of My Soul -  DOWNLOAD


Not Lucky I'm loved -  DOWNLOAD

Keep On Doing Better -  DOWNLOAD

Better -  DOWNLOAD

Graduate -  DOWNLOAD

Comparison Kills -  DOWNLOAD

RollerCoasters -  DOWNLOAD

Cycles -  DOWNLOAD


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