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Mcmanley Manley ( MrJahotical ) is from Obingwa Local Government area of Abia state Nigeria. He studied networking in AIM Global academy. He is the fourth child of five in the family of Israel Uwaoma Ogbonna of Etiti-Ohanze Aba, Abia state, Nigeria. He is  a teacher of the gospel, a networking personnel,  a singer, and an author. 

REIGN ALL OVER is the song that tells about the magnificent grace of the Lord Jesus Christ over humanity. God cares for us by His grace. He reigns all over!
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Jesus you're the beauty of my life. 
In everything that I do. 
I see your love Lord flowing everywhere. 
You make my life so beautiful. 
Your death on the cross means so good.
I see your love Lord flowing everywhere. 

When I look around around 
oh Lord I see that you reign. 
Lord you reign all over.

Praise God, I'm glad I know you live. 
Great God, I know you from my heart. (Know You From My Heart)
Yes Lord, you paid the price for me. 
Right now, my heart is overjoyed.(Overjoyed)
My God, I lift my voice to you. 
Glorious God, you live evermore. 
Oh Jesus, your touch on me is great. 
My God, you live and dwell in me. 

Nigerian Gospel Song by McManley Manley - Reign All Over
As I see, your glory is reveal. 
And I know, you manifest within. 
As you said, your love is there for me. 
And I say, thank you for your love. 
Faithful God, you work mighty in me.
I decree, your glory fills the earth.


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