LIVING LINES: The Reality Of Relationships by OKONJI VICTOR(Vickflow)

Relationships are fortresses laden with support systems for the best and unfavorable moments. 

The intent of God for mankind when he instituted relationships isn't far fetched, scriptures reveals that He created unto man a *help meet*

The limitation of mankind, and the individuality of man is what inspired this heavenly agenda. Creation saw the rise of the idea called *relationship* in the garden. God thought it wise not to allow his own stay without a help meet.

Relationships are powerful, every good relationship should be a system for uplifting, complimenting, as well as growth. 

The key of relationship is that it opens doors that are inaccessible to you naturally. Beloved, it is the understanding of this key that fast tracks success. 

From my understanding, human relationships exist in three fold***and all of its dimensions have possibilities enshrined in it. However, there's a cost for every relationship, and the relationship that will work isn't void of challenges. 

Challenges are building blocks for every relationship, they aid adjustments and positive changes, but many relationships end at this level, because men have assumed ease as the central identity of every relationship even for a divinely ordained one. I beg to differ from this popular stand of belief because we have seen divinely orchestrated relationships disintegrate for want of understanding and inability to work out differences. Some bow out as a result of ego, believing their differences are irreconcilable. What about those who hide under religion, saying; it was God's intent and purpose. 

It is folly to think that trials will elude your human relationships. So see them as a furnace that strengthens, purifies and beautifies your relationship (in which ever form it exists ).

The power of human relationships cannot be overemphasized, it's in view of this I will be sharing five tips that will guide your relationship with human kind. 


Five Golden Rules For A Successful Relationship. 

© Vickflow Dozie 

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