READ: An Admonition by Apostle Raphael A. Macaulay

Grace and peace to you.

I want to share a few words with you as the Lord impressed them upon my spirit, and I believe you shall be edified.

Zechariah 4:10
Do not despise the days of small beginnings...

Whatever will last must be built, and building takes time and process. Many want to last and stand the test of time but don't want to be built through time and process. Everything that stands tests and trials is built over time. Take time to build yourself in the word of God and prayer. Invest in yourself spiritually, even as you invest in yourself professionally. (Proverbs 23:18; Luke 2:40, 52; 1 Sam. 2:26)

The Lord can call someone for a purpose which may be long, or not long, but short, and sometimes, very short. Know the difference between your short term and long term assignments. Don't mix them up. Don't stay one second in a place He's called you to function temporarily after your assignment is done. It can be disastrous. And don't hurriedly leave a place you are to serve permanently for a while. This is why you must pray to know which is short and which is long.

The Lord can use an unbeliever for the sake of His will. He is God, and He takes counsel from no man but Himself. Don't limit God in your judgement when things don't match up with your idea.

The fear of (reverence for) God comes from the knowledge of the word of God. He who TRULY knows the word will fear (reverence) God and depart from anything sinful.

When God calls a man, prayer is a major part of the deal, and study of the word is another. You must be willing to stay apart to pray, and do this often. Study/meditate on God's word. This meditation will help you pray right.

You may not have all the luxuries you desire, this shouldn't bother you. If they are needed in your life and for your assignment, you will have them; for God will not withhold that which is necessary for the work whereunto He has called you.

Sometimes, when they are not coming, it's because they are not needed for your assignment at the moment. Don't kill yourself over nothing, for everything the world offers is vanity at the end. Learn to be content with what you have; the Lord is wise to have given you what He has given you so far.

Don't ever be full of yourself that you begin to disregard spiritual instructions. Whatever knowledge and depth you gain in the word should make you more obedient to spiritual instructions. That's what spiritual maturity is. Spiritual maturity is a function of spiritual instructions obeyed.

The Lord makes our ways prosperous by the instructions He gives to us that we obey. Every instruction of the Spirit you have either obeyed or disobeyed in the past is the reason you are where you are today in the faith. Your last obedience is your present status in the Lord.

When the Lord calls and leads you to a place for an assignment, know that He has considered all there is to be considered before sending you there. This should make you believe and obey Him all the more. You must obey His words (instructions) to be able to see things clearly. Disobedience blinds our eyes (spiritual) from seeing what the Lord has done and is doing. Obedience opens our eyes (spiritual); it makes us see and walk in God's will. To see what God has done and is doing, obey His word.

Obedience must be your first response to the Lord's leading. Until you obey, you won't see. Isn't that what faith is? Faith is obedience.

Don't ever conclude or give your opinion on a matter you have not heard all sides of the story. Find out matters diligently before you judge, so that you will not be in the wrong and be labeled a bad judge.

Be alert always. Don't let down your spiritual guard. Be weary of those who find comfort in profaning spiritual things. Avoid them so that you won't become like them. Some of those who are cold and lukewarm today in the faith were hot in the past.

Just as becoming hot is gradual, likewise is becoming cold and lukewarm. A hot water doesn't just become cold or lukewarm suddenly; it turns cold and lukewarm gradually.

A man can become cold and lukewarm when he stops paying attention to spiritual things (exercising himself spiritually) and start giving heed to profanity.

Remember that the grace of the Lord is always sufficient. In Him you find strength to carry on. Trust in the Lord with all your heart.

If you will always be patient and hear from the Lord, you will not make one single wrong decision.

If you will always follow the Lord's leading, you will know what you should be doing at every given time. You will be spiritually timely. You will always carry out God's will. And what better way is there to do this than prayer?

When you pray for utterance, you are simply telling the Lord to get a hold of your tongue to say the things He has ordered. He who prays for utterance must not act presumptuously in the flesh, but depend solely on the Spirit for inspiration. Utterance is by the Spirit of God, and your spirit speaks from what is received from the Spirit. How much you are inspired is how much your utterance will be.

Utterance is the ability to speak as the Spirit instructs. The Holy Spirit is the giver of utterance. He enables us to speak according to His will. When the utterance of the Spirit is granted, men can prophesy and express other utterance gifts.

There is also utterance for teaching or preaching; that is, to teach or preach by inspiration---the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

May the Lord establish these words in your heart, so that you will walk in His will and grow in the faith. Amen.

I call you blessed!

Lead Pastor
Gospel Life Ministry.


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