READ: What It Means To Be Under Grace- Part 2 by Apostle Raphael Macaulay

Romans 6:14
For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.


God’s grace is the cure for sin. Grace does not lower the standard, it sets it high instead. God's standard is a high standard that only His grace can make the life of righteousness possible to live. This is why self has no place where grace is. The grace of God makes the life of holiness walkable.

The only time sin cannot and shall not have dominion over man is when he is under the grace of God. Does this mean that man can fall from God’s grace? Yes.


Apostle Paul said to the Galatian brethren, “You have been severed from Christ, if you seek to be justified [that is, declared free of guilt of sin and its penalty, and placed in right standing with God] through the Law; you have fallen from grace [for you have lost your grasp on God’s unmerited favor and blessing]” (Gal. 5:4 Amplified).

According to God's word, the only time the man in Christ may fall from God's grace is when he seeks justification from the sinful nature again after being saved, and this is a clear indication that he is ignorant of what the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus means.

To be under grace is to stop seeking to be right with God through a set of rules. The man in Christ is accepted before God always. Our acceptance before God was not our doing while we were in the world, so it cannot be our doing now that we are in Christ.


Simply put, to begin to seek to be right with God by keeping some laws is a notification of ignorance of the grace of God, and a falling away from this grace. The Bible says sin shall not have dominion over the man in Christ, and this man is one who walks in the consciousness of the grace of God. The law is a force; grace is a force. Both can have control over man. The one you are most conscious of is what your character will look like.

Grace is the only way to reach the highest standard of God.

I don’t want to fall away from grace, so I keep my eyes on the finished work of our Lord Jesus, making every impute of mine, walk in the Spirit (spiritual maturity) to spring from His grace, not seeking God’s favor which I already have, but to rest in what His grace has made available for me. I don’t want to have sin rule over me, so I must always remind myself that I am under the grace of God by feeding my mind with the truth His word holds for me, exalting the totality of His work, from which my walk in the Spirit springs from.


The word ‘dominion’ is the Greek word ‘kurieuo’ (ko-ree-yoo’-o), and it means to be lord of, to rule over, to exercise influence or authority over another, to have power over something; lordship.

You see, sin will rule over a man’s life when he’s not under the grace of God; when he loses consciousness of God's grace. Sin has power; it is lord over some.

The Bible says, "The sting of death (is) sin; and the strength of sin (is) the law (1 Cor. 15:56).

The word ‘strength’ is the Greek word ‘dunamis’ (doo'-nam-is), which means power, ability. In other words, the power of sin is the law. That’s why God’s word says that sin shall not have dominion over us because we are not under the law. The law is the power of sin. Through it, sin enslaves men. This also submits that grace is not the harbinger of sin, but its remedy and cure. Grace unables sin to function. Grace is sin's inability. Sin is powerless where God's grace is.


Men don’t sin because grace is preached. On the contrary, men sin where grace is absent in teaching and in emphasis. The Bible clearly says that sin shall not have dominion over you because you are not under the law but under grace. When you keep grace in view, you lose sight of sin.

Some think everyone sins like them. They use statements like, "No man is perfect." "Everybody is a sinner", to console themselves when they sin. But truth is, there are believers who live above sin. I am one of them, and I want to believe you are too. I can say that because God's grace supplies me the strength to live above sin. I am always conscious of the grace of God. Sin does not have dominion over me. I rely totally on the grace of God, and not on my strength that can fail me.

Grace is not the power of sin, the law is. Where and when you preach the law, sin is enthroned and men are empowered to sin. But where and when you preach grace, righteousness is enthroned and men are empowered to live holy.

The more we speak of the grace of God, the more righteousness-conscious men become, but when we speak more about the law, we enthrone sin and empower men to live sinfully. Grace does not empower sin; it destroys its hold on man instead, and empowers man to live holy. Grace men are holy men with moral conduct. Though they don’t loud the ‘doing’ over the ‘being’, still their lives don’t fall short of godly character. Grace men are whole in conduct.

I call you blessed!

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

Say this…
I triumph always!
I win always!
I rule! I reign!

Jesus is Lord!

Lead Pastor
Gospel Life Ministry.


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