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Life is a bed of many fantasies, dreams, pictures and images of pleasure. We all think of days of beauty as our own, never thinking about the days where the night will embrace us to it shadow.

Our hearts do not subscribe to the demands of our own groaning that's to come, we only desire to live each day of our lives walking on our own, never thinking of walking with support when we are old. 

In our fantasies, we've created an illusion that we can escape the crutch and be productive all the time. That  we will never age, and our bones will be tough as the rock, until we depart from the realm of mortality.

With this view, comes the deception of not planning for the days where our backs will be hunched  like the camel's back - shackled by the inevitable realities of life. We do expect pension from life, when we didn't sow much into it, except for the deceitful dream of a 
better tomorrow.

We have been bewitched by playing faith, We are swift to say, my life has been tailored to live in health eternally, I shall inherit the earth, I am walking in power, glory and dominion, we move from one positive confession to another, yet we fail to do the needful in life. This has imprisoned our minds, we don't think of the seasons nor time where we put plans into action. Some so much believe in their beauty that they only exist on that, while others entangle themselves in many unnecessary distraction of life.

Many optimist in this time an age fail to do the needful, plan. 

Let this truth sink deep, *planning is God's gift to man.*

Planning is essential to man because it enhance thinking and gives precision to divine destiny. God expects us to plan for the appointed time, (we should live ready and rapturable). 

He declares that there's time for everything, a time to plant and a time to reap. 

Your life is a seed, how you plant it determines its fruit. Time is the soil where we plant the seed of life. By planning before time, we would be able to secure a rest for ourselves. You'll agree with me, that every tree acts as a shelter in severe weather conditions. If you make a shade for yourself then you'll find rest when the evening comes - The Bible says ; *"....night cometh when no man worketh."*

The significance of this is that beauty fades, the strength of youth won't always remain...

Dearly beloved, when the pretty fades, you won't have the best of dentition, your smile won't be counted for a treasure. Neither will your arms be chiseled, your limbs won't be full of vigor and strength. Your body would have lost its tenderness, wrinkles will abound, your hips wouldn't be broad and attractive, your body would loose its true image...

Too many negative realities will emerge when the pretty fades, you can't stop it from happening, but you have a choice to create a shelter with the seed of your life, now that you have the advantage of time and strength, plant the seed of your life strategically and watch the seed sown to birth a tree, whose life will shelter you at old age...

Make your plans time specific and achievable, one at a time.

A plan without a time frame within which it can be actualized is as good as a wishlist. Let your beauty and youthful strength through the acceptable will of God serve your divine purpose here on earth.

I am Okonji Chukwuedozie Victor, here's my contemplation, remain blessed and inspired.

Thanks for reading!

© Vickflow

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