Hephzibah's Kitchen - Devotional - 17th Aug 2020



There is always the need to ASK. As much as God knows our needs He wants us to ask (open your mouth and talk to Him). An adage says "a closed mouth is a closed destiny". Don't you know that when you pray God is happy? 

(....but it makes Him happy when his people pray Pro 15:8b CEV)

God wants to be talk with, He wants you to express yourself to Him, He wants to feel you too as much as you'll want to feel Him.

But it's unfortunate that most times, we only go into the presence of God to cry/lament. I am not saying it is bad to cry in God's presence but what do you do after crying? Stand up and leave? NO, it shouldn't be.

The way things are going it's normal to be easily frustrated but don't give in to the spirit of frustration rather, Pray.

It's a new week, have you committed this week into God's hand? The Bible says Commit your activities to the LORD, and your plans will be established (Pro 16:3).

 The only way to escape from frustration is to commit your ways to God. If you're yet to do that it's not too late say a little words of prayer right where you are.

The Lord sees your heart and He knows where to come in.

Your day is blessed🙏

The week is fruitful☺️

You're favored💯


The Writing Chef✍️


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