#EndSARS: Advice to the protesters by Apostle Macaulay


Though it seems like the battle is lost, more so, after the President's speech yesterday. Still, there's a beam of hope for us.

I, Raphael Anuoluwapo Macaulay, was not disappointed in the President after his speech because I did not expect anything different. You can only be disappointed when you are expectant.

If you have been following this administration since inception, you should have known by now that the President has always been begged by the citizens to give a speech during or after a crisis. This anomaly has become the norm and definition of this government, which is not supposed to be. 

I beg to ask, who are the advisers of the President on Conflict Resolutions? It is crystal clear that they are not doing well. Or, maybe they are but the President decided not to listen to them. That's a hypothesis though.

You see, when a leader's speech that's supposed to fix things lacks empathy, sympathy, love, and identification with his people, he's not leading but ruling them.

And in a democracy, we need leaders, not rulers. Nigeria practices democracy but in theory.

If nothing at all, the President's speech has further proven to us that it is time for the Youths to lead. 

Virtually, all those who have led us from 1999 to date, were in their youth during the military era when they became Heads of State. 

They ruled us in their youth and now in their old age, and keep feeding us with the tale that we are the leaders of tomorrow. 

Truly so, in their world, we are the leaders of a tomorrow that will never come. But not anymore. We are not leaders of tomorrow; we are leaders of today, as of right now! 

Now as Youths of this great nation, we must be careful not to be hasty where we ought to be patient, and clearly assess every option we have to the very least. No time to be stupid.

Hastiness can marr a good process, even as delay can bring untold hardship. The middle ground is where we must pitch our agencies of choices and decisions, so that we can come out stronger, wiser, and better.

At this juncture, it's not a taboo to retreat, re-strategize, plan, and launch. And this may not happen before the next election in 2023, but in so doing, we would have built either a formidable party or a strong delegatory system that will decide the outcome of an electoral process.

Anything that lasts is built, and building takes time. It requires due process. If the change we want to bring will stand the test of time, then we must subject everything to due process. 

Impatience is not a choice to be considered. Folly isn't far from it. 

We must not blinded by folly to think we are fully ready to take over now when all of this is just a rush. It is when you wield power that you can finally affirm whether you're ready or not. Power doesn't necessarily change people; it only reveals who they truly are. 

So, if we're irresponsible now, power will only amplify it. If we're foolish now, power will only announce it. 

We can't afford to be half-baked to take over from the older generation. We will be scorned and mocked.

We must give this struggle all it demands from us, upholding a peaceful approach in whatever and however we make demands and drive the change agenda.

We must pray.
We must pray.
We must pray. 
And take bold steps.

Old men, keep dreaming your dreams of a better Nigeria.
Youths, begin and continue to see vision of a better Nigeria.
Visionary leaders are among the Youths.
And we are the enforcers of what is being dreamt and seen.

Let us rise up to the occasion before us, so that we won't be ashamed of ourselves before our children, like some of the older generations are ashamed of themselves today.

Let us guard our ranks against infiltration and disunity. Divide and rule, which is the weapon of our leaders today, must be thoroughly eschewed.

Let us say NO to vandalism and thuggery.
That's not the spirit of a Nationalist.

Let the process for a better Nigeria begin. 
Let it begin with us, the Youths.

We win!

Raphael A. Macaulay


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